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We work with Gazelles International (GI) to bring business strategic coaching solutions to help companies to scale. GI is an business growth organisation that has helped more than 2000 companies across the globe to scale. GI is founded by Verne Harnish, the well-known business guru and bestselling author of the books Mastering the Rockefeller Habits, The Best Business Decisions of all Time and Scaling Up: How a Few Companies Make It…and Why the Rest Don’t.

Using the 4 Decisions Framework, our certified coaches help to simplify the strategic planning process by breaking strategy into simple parts, link business targets to clear actions and priorities for each member of the management team to ensure Clarity, Alignment, Focus and Accountability.

To date, we have introduced the 4 Decisions Framework to 130 companies in Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines and Myanmar. These companies range from having revenues of a few million dollars to billion dollar conglomerates. They cover industries ranging from education and training, fashion, retail, FMCG, chemicals, software, logistics, textiles, medical equipment distributorship, travel, real estate, commodities, construction, manufacturing, technology and power generation, HR and digital marketing.

Jeremy Han is currently the director of Corporate Strategy for Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group. As the corporate strategy director, his primary task is to increase the net value of the company by enhancing performance across all business units. He is also certified as a business strategy coach with Gazelles International, USA. Gazelles International coaches in 6 continents, and coach approximately 2000 companies around the world with a collective revenue size of US$51 Billion. Formerly an educator with Honours and Masters degrees, he left the educational sector to become an entrepreneur before being headhunted for his current position.

With a coaching score averaging 9/10, Jeremy is an effective communicator who can offer clever insights on how the 4 Decisions Framework can scale your business through clarity, focus, alignment in strategy and accountability in execution. His clients from Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines, and cover industries such as education and training, fashion, retail, chemicals, software, logistics, textiles, medical equipment distributorship, travel, high end real estate, commodities, construction, technology, power generation, land development, hospitality, retail property management, HR, thermal drilling, manufacturing, FMCG distributorship and digital marketing. Most of his clients are from prestigious business groups like YPO/WPO and EO.

1. A listed conglomerate in the Philippines that is more than a hundred years old, with more than 7 companies in various industries under the holding company. Jeremy works with the senior management teams across this business to implement the 4 Decisions Framework. They are using this framework to prepare the next generation of leaders to build a growth strategy for the next ten years.

2. A family owned business that spans across the Philippines. Jeremy is working with them to cross the $1B mark by re-looking at industrial practices that they can innovate and change so they can make competitors irrelevant.

3. A fashion retail business from Singapore already in 34 countries across Asia, Middle East and Africa that wants to develop a competitive scaling up strategy for the US and European markets, where they will compete against the titans of the fashion industry.

4. A Singaporean chemicals company that wants to inbuilt growth processes into their franchising model in preparation to franchise across Asia.

5. A textile manufacturer in Vietnam that wants to increase productivity across their factories in 3 different locations by developing the right critical numbers and execution dashboard to track KPIs

1. Government organisations

2. Tertiary institutes

3. Trade associations

4. The Singapore Business Review

5. Trade Unions

He writes for the Singapore Business Review, and his views on 21st century skills and

career readiness were discussed on air with radio station 938 LIVE.

His main responsibilities currently include:

1. Assisting the CEO in formulating, aligning and executing growth strategies

2. Strategic and regional business development

3. Forming strategic alliances through networking with government, stakeholders

and international partners

4. Consulting on business strategy for corporate clients

5. Strategic sales including pitching to C-suite executives of private companies and

directors of government bodies

6. Growing the Gazelles International brand in Southeast Asia through Growth

Catalyst Pte Ltd.

7. Assisting CEOs and executive teams implement the Rockefeller Habits

During his entrepreneurship days, Jeremy established networks in China, Vietnam,

Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan and Japan for sales, business development and networking

for his training, education and travel business. These networks are still a vital part of his

business development resources. Currently as a strategy coach, he is developing

networks in the USA, Europe and the Middle East to connect with businesses in


He is also the author of both fiction and non-fiction books. His book on career-ready

skills for the 21st century is titled “Winning the Game of the 21st Century”, and was

published in November 2014. The book commenced its second print run within a month

of launch. For fiction books, he has written three historical novels.

On why he is passionate about business and people development, Jeremy believes that

enlightened business is the solution to empowering the poor and enabling them to live

lives of dignity and sufficiency. He is one of the founding members of Transformational

Business Network Asia, a part of Transformational Business Network in UK, an

organisation that focuses on eradicating poverty through enterprise.


What does it take to survive & win in the 21st century?

Graduate from university, land a promising job, work hard for a promotion and save for the future — these were the rules for success handed down by our parents. But the game of life has changed dramatically in the 21st century. Millions of people who followed the old rules are finding themselves underpaid, unemployable, irrelevant and broke. 21st century winners work, play and live by a radical new set of rules. This life-changing book will equip you with the mindset and skills to learn and adapt rapidly to our ever-changing economy, so that you can enjoy the lifestyle, financial abundance and unlimited opportunities in this uncertain era.

 What you will learn?

The Rules of the Game Have Changed and You Can Too
 Unleash Your Creative and Innovation Genius
Think Globally and Benefit from Global Trends
Learn, Unlearn and Relearn to Stay Relevant in Your Career
Collaborate, Network and Create Win-Win Partnerships
Powerful Life Stories and Case Studies of 21st Century Winners
Actionable Strategies for Building Your Success Roadmap


4 Decision Framework


One-Page Personal Plan (OPPP)
Function Accountability Chart 
Process Accountability Chart (PACe)


Strengths, Weaknesses, Trends
 7 Strata
One-Page Strategic Plan (OPSP)
Vision Summary


Who, What, When
Rockefeller Habits Checklist™


Cash Acceleration Strategies (CASh)

 The Power of One

“Jeremy is not out to simply teach, he aims to inspire!”

Annabelle Ong,
Rockwell Land

“Jeremy’s Masterclass is very informative and relevant for SMEs. I will definitely bring in my 4 managers to attend this course again!”

Angeline Lee,
Managing Director, Wizlogix Pte Ltd

“Jeremy’s Masterclass is highly recommended to anyone who is looking to scale 10x
and not screw it up on the way there!”

Sanchit Mendiratta,
Director, Technology & Products, Happy Marketer

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