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We are proud to share our achievements with you; the result of a decade of commitment to corporate training excellence.

These numbers speak the truth of our hard work and dedication — You can trust us to take care of your people.

  Your mind may take you far, but your heart must be continuously inspired and expanded if it is to give you the determination and
spirit to overcome your challenges and to go the distance. We created Growth Catalyst to serve this transformation. “

Adam Khoo
Founder of Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group



The number of government-related organisations, MNCs and SMEs we have trained.


9 out of 10

The average rating we receive for our quality customer experience.


The total training hours we are responsible for in a year. (That’s equivalent to more than 3 years of a person’s life!)


The year we were awarded the Mayday CBF Model Partnership Award with e2i.


The number of minds who have been inspired by our transformational training.


The year we co-developed the High Performance Team Model with the Ministry of Manpower, Occupational Safety & Health Division


Who You Learn from Makes a Difference.


The ultimate quality that distinguishes our trainers is that core ability to ignite the fighting spirit, engage, and inspire transformation in another person. Simply put:
We Care about Your People.

Our trainers are aware of the challenges faced by different industries and deeply in tune with the practical needs of the people on the ground. With years of experience, we are adept at designing and conducting training for participants with very diverse demographics.

Constantly upgrading their skill sets, our trainers are well-versed in these learning technologies:

Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Experiential and Adventure Learning
Coaching and Mentoring
Problem-based Learning
Expressive Therapy (Art Therapy, Reflective Therapy)
Psychometric Profiling Tools (MBTI, DISC, TetraMap, Strong Interests Inventory, Firo-B etc.)


” I realised that we have so much strength inside and only when we dare to take risks by trusting yourself, we can excel. Growth Catalyst’s training is a window for realising internal strength and partnership.

Tetra Pak

” Your trainers are great role models. Their insight into the subject matter and life examples really inspired me to pursue and adopt the “CAN DO” attitude. You have transformed me in more ways than one! 

Tan Boon Kheng
ST Aerospace



No mind-boggling concepts and difficult terms
— We make complex ideas easy for you to understand and absorb.


It’s never just theories and frameworks
— We bring you relevant strategies that you can use immediately in your work.


Laughter is the only constant at our trainings;
We make learning enjoyable so you embrace and remember every moment..


Get ready to ignite your real potential —
We inspire you to take action and achieve your goals!


Growth Catalyst Consultancy practises the 6Ds- six disciplines as the key approach to consulting. The 6Ds are practiced by some of the most effective learning and development organisations around the world. Our consultants are equipped with the knowledge and skill set to uncover the critical needs, define the criteria of success and setup assessments to validate the changes in order to support the business leaders and HR professionals.

The 6Ds approach allows us to focus on defining the issue rather than to provide the content that we are capable of. It is business- centric, practical to implement and proven in practice in leading companies around the world. Through this process, we partner with our clients to co-design our learning solutions, make our learning “stick” and support the transfer of learning so that it leads to improved performance.
The 6Ds® are the six disciplines practiced by the most effective learning organizations. Our practice is based on our best-selling book, The Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning, now in its third edition, which Will Thalheimer called “the most important book in the workplace learning field in the past decade.”

If you want to increase the value delivered by learning and development in your organization, use the Contact Us link or write to grow@growthcatalyst.com.sg.